They Say That Word Of Mouth Is The Best Advertising You Can Get– Here Is What Some Top Name Racers Have Had To Say About Davis Technologies And Our Products.


” Hey Shannon, what can I say-WOW!  I raced on a real tricky track that no one could get down even the big tire guys and I blew them all away and even ran my best 60 ever I’m really happy mate, thanks heaps. ”
—Johnny in Australia

“To be honest, Davis (traction control) was the best thing I ever had. I am way faster than I used to be.. simple and effective, however, people think its a bit expensive, But i think it was worth every single penny!”
— Sadeq Taqi (Kuwait), 2010 ADRL Pro Extreme Motorcycle Champion

“The Most Innovative Device That I’ve Seen In Drag Racing Since I Quit”
—“Big Daddy” Don Garlits

“Shannon, We made a good pass on Friday night and was in the top 3 on Saturday night until we broke a transmission. We also made the fastest pass that we have ever had. We love the traction control.”
—Randall Taylor

“With the unit off you can see noticeable wheel spin.  The car breaks loose exiting turn four.  with the unit on, the car looks way more consistent, coming straight off the corners.”
—Ronnie Stuckey, Championship Winning Crew Chief (Dirt Late Models)

“While testing Shannon’s (Shannon Davis of Davis Technologies) traction control in SCCA Trans-Am cars, we saw improvements of as much as 2.3 seconds a lap on a street course and an average of 0.8 to 1.2 seconds on road courses. This stuff is awesome. It’s unbelievable how well it works.”
—John Paul Jr.

“This unit can read what the car is doing and react accordingly in tenth of a second.  I can’t imagine my foot being able to work that quickly!
—Ray Cook, Late Model Champion

“Davis Traction Control has helped big time to get Jan-Cen monster horsepower consistently down the track”
—Mike Janis, ADRL Pro Mod Winner

“When asked about TC a good friend of mine summed it up-when he said “You are either lying about running it or you are telling me how good it is ! ” I tell you, I’ve tried everything out there from wheel speed sensors and brake controllers, to ground speed sensors. The systems claimed that you could just mash the throttle and let the system get you off the corner-RIGHT ! The truth of it is that if you could keep the sensors from failing you couldn’t keep the system in tune for the race. Then I tried the TC that Davis (Davis Technologies) offered. It was the simplest to install and use. It gave me the most improvement and the most consistent times. If it doesn’t help your lap times–Well then again, you’re either lying to me or you’re telling me how much you liked it.”
—Donnie Barnhart #11

“I hated spending the money, until I made my first pass, and saw the data. Now it is an integral part of our tune up.”
— Alex Hossler, ADRL Pro Mod Winner

“Davis Technologies was the place of choice to call.  When I installed it, I created a new page in my resume’.  It was a  fairly simple transition, and with the same tune as I ran in Georgia, I ran a career best 4.25 @ 180 MPH at Cecil.  That pass was followed by several very consistent passes.  Halsey was really impressed!”
—Mo Hall, National Record Holder

“During the 2002 Trans-Am season my team tested a Davis Technologies traction control unit. We wanted to show the sanctioning body that it was an advantage even for the front running drivers. Their position was that if it were being used by some teams it would not effect the outcome of the championship. After just three laps we were 6/10th of a second faster per lap with the traction control turned on! The car felt stable, very easy to drive, and was much quicker.”
—Boris Said, 2002 Trans-Am Champion

“The Davis Traction control helps us get a handle on the tune up right off the trailer and run consistent passes all weekend.”
—Lee Adkins, ADRL N2O Pro Extreme Winner

“Recently we (Pritchett Brother’s Racing) had the opportunity to test a new traction control product that works in conjunction with a progressive controller for nitrous applications from Davis Technologies.  With the guidance of Shannon Davis we were able to install it in minutes and it worked right out of the gate.   I’ve made more passes on the track and in this car than I can count and I can tell you that the Davis Technologies device saved my run.  About 40 ft out the car began to spin badly and the Davis box pulled power out as needed to get the car straightened out.  Without the help of the Davis Technologies box I would have aborted the run.  This run was made on a basically un-prepped track in 38 degree weather.  As a result of the Davis box saving my run in the beginning of the pass the car went faster than it has ever been on a single stage of nitrous( with a 1.33 60 ft on a 200 shot @3340lbs and on a 275 Drag Radial tire).   We couldn’t be happier with this product and look forward to its official launch to the public. Thanks Davis Technologies!!!”
—Nate Pritchett


“Davis Traction Control allows us to get aggressive with the tune up, and the result has been some of the fastest passes in history.”
—Jim Oddy, Engine Builder / ADRL Champion Tuner

“We had a ‘bye’ run in the finals at Rockingham, so we decided to see what the Davis Traction Control was capable of. The track had lost a lot of grip, had bald spots 30 ft out, was basically junk. I cranked up the boost, knowing it would blow the tires off, and was surprised to see the car hook up and run a 4.30! The best pass of the day!”

“Since we started running the Davis box, I have not messed w/ the dots. The Davis TC reacts to real time tire spin in 4 thousandths of a second and pulls timing out to stop the spin. I never liked miss-firing the engine anyway, the Davis system is much smoother and easier on the engine. I hope to never see another dot.”
—Steve Petty / ProLine

“This new Davis unit has helped us get our arms around this new car, and set team record speeds right out of the box!”
—Camp Stanley, ADRL Pro Mod Owner/Tuner

“The Davis Technologies Traction Control helps me get through the bad spots as well as find the good sections of track so I can improve my tune up for the next round.”
—Chris Duncan, Chassis Builder / ADRL Pro Mod Tuner

Engine Builders:

“While building engines for professional teams for several years we have had many customers that have ran Davis’ traction control. My first hands on experience was at a test on a road course where it picked the car up 8/10 of a second a lap. The driver commented on how he couldn’t feel any thing except the car exited the corner really smoothly (This was a top notch pro driver). I was a little concerned about the effects of retarding the timing on the engine, but after about 600 miles of testing over a two day period there was no signs of anything out of the norm. After that test the engine was in the shop for a rebuild– everything looked the same as every other rebuild, nothing unusual. Since then I have never seen any harm to an engine caused by a Davis traction control, and only heard good things about them– except for maybe the cost.”
—Bob Cronin, CRD Engine Development

“After years of building engines and many customers running Davis Technologies traction control, I have never seen any adverse effects to the engine. As far as I know the customers have been very happy with their systems from Davis Technologies.”
—Jack Cornett, Cornett Engines

“Davis Traction Control allows us to get aggressive with the tune up, and the result has been some of the fastest passes in history.”
—Jim Oddy, Engine Builder / ADRL Champion Tuner

Chassis Builders:

“Traction control has been around dirt racing for a while. Just in the last couple of years it has become a hot topic. Earlier systems had a lot of equipment you had to hide and were just not practical to use if it was against the rules.
The technology that is being used now allows the racer to hide the entire system in his pocket. The fact that it is so easy to hide makes it a lot more popular than it used to be, and a very controversial subject. Now a days every race won is won with traction control, at least that is what the losers say.
A few years ago a system was available that used wheel sensors and the rear brakes to try and control the wheel spin. We had some customers with these systems who complained they could not get them to work. I decided to get one and see what we could find. The first major hurdle is hiding all of the equipment that was required. After a few months of fooling with the thing we never really got it to work. We had a lot of trouble keeping the sensors working and the brakes were hard to keep cool. Even when we tried all of the manufactures recommendations it still didn‘t work. I later learned that the “Brain Box” was an off the shelf industrial controller used on conveyor belts, and was not even designed for racing.
Then one day I had a customer come in with a new unit he had gotten from Davis Technologies. I thought he was kidding when he showed it to me. He pulled it out of his pocket and said that this was the whole system. He explained that it worked by monitoring the rate of acceleration of the engine and retarded the timing if it was too high.
I was skeptical until he told me that he had already tried it on the track and was a good 2/10’s faster. This was a guy that was in the top five in points in the top Late Model series.
I called Davis and got one on the way. I was very impressed with the size of the unit and how simple it was to hook up. I let a few guys try it and most of them liked it. It isn’t for everyone and it will not fix a bad car, but on a good car it can be worth a few tenths and very consistent times. I was surprised with how well it worked for so many different drivers.”
—Joe Garrison, GRT Race Cars

“The Davis Technologies Traction Control helps me get through the bad spots as well as find the good sections of track so I can improve my tune up for the next round.”
—Chris Duncan, Chassis Builder / ADRL Pro Mod Tuner