New CT Series Traction Control For Circle Track Racing

These new units are the fastest and most accurate traction control systems we have ever built, and the most advanced on the market today.

With built in LCD screen for easy adjustments to wireless Bluetooth connectivity, these are by far the most advanced technology available to a circle track racer today.  The addition of user downloadable data acquisition is another huge step in making these extremely easy for the racer to get the most out of their investment.  Online updates via standard USB will keep your unit updated with the latest improvements for years to come.

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4 thoughts on “New CT Series Traction Control For Circle Track Racing

  1. Shannon Davis Post authorReply

    Retail is $5495, we are offering a 20% discount for preorders- shipping Feb. 10. Just call to order- 828-645-1505

  2. Steve Allen Reply

    Are these BL units ESP based or are they utilizing something like a more powerful cortex -M7? We are evaluating a possible (fully) open sourced project. We originally rendered it with an ESP but some of those who’ve joined the project have concerns over the 240Mhz ceiling. Hardware will be open sourced available through pcbway as well as the projects website along with the firmware and (ota) updates. Updates will of course be available utilizing BLE through our APP or via any web browser leveraging the AP. With the designs current housing, the 1.6 capacitive oled and the membrane switches/overlay we think we can get the entire Ip65+ rated project down to $100 making it affordable for any team. Thus we level the playing field. We’re debating on using MQTT to communicate with our open source data acquisition project releasing this July. (Delayed thanks to supply issues with our original 9Dof, GPS modules, the Nvme’s and the Cortex-A72 chips )

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