Dirt Late Model Magazine

Test of Davis Technologies Traction Control
On Dirt Late Model
Smokey Mountain Speedway


Dirt Late Model Magazine invited us to test our traction control system on a dirt late model car.
We jumped at the chance!

Bob Applegate of Dirt Late Model Magazine organized the test.  We met car owner Larry Garner of Blount Motorsports and Crew Chief David Bryant at
Smokey Mountain Speedway.  Driving duties were handled by slick track expert Billy Ogle, Jr.

After installing a GPS system for lap times, a dual camera system, as well as a full RacePak data system, we ran the track in and started the test.
After about 30 laps of getting the car set up, we did a 10 lap run with traction control.  We stopped the car on the track and removed the TC unit and ran another 10 laps.  Finally, we stopped on the track again and replaced the TC and ran a few more laps.

Here are the lap time results, as well as a video of the test, and the full article from the December 2012 Issue of Dirt Late Model Magazine, who organized and oversaw the test.

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