Profiler Series

Profiler Traction Controller

State of the Art Wheel Speed Management System with the Ability to Control the Entire Vehicle.

Profiler EFI PFEFI

Profiler Series

Profiler EFI (PFEFI)

A smaller, simplier version of the Profiler Wheel Speed Management System designed to interface with most popular EFI systems, such as Holley EFI, FuelTech, Haltech, Motec and more.

TC-3 Traction Control Module

TC3 Series

TC-3 Traction Control Modules

Add On Traction Control Modules that Connect to Existing Vehicle Controls.

EFI-TC2 Holley EFI Traction Control Module

TC2 Series

TC-2 Traction Control Module

Analog adjustment (Knobs) only simple to use model, specifically designed for use with Holley EFI.

VPS-900 Vehicle Position Sensor


Vehicle Position Sensor

High Resolution Accelerometer with High Resolution Pitch, Roll & Yaw. Use for Tuning, Wheelie Control & Safety.

Remote Display Traction Control Screen


Remote Display

Used to program TC3 Traction Control Modules and VPS.

Digital Ignition Controller (DIC) IC-150


Digital Ignition Controller (DIC)

The Digital Ignition Controller (DIC) utilizes a highspeed microprocessor and state of the art circuitry to reliably and precisely control the ignition system of a modern racing car.

BB-300 Bump Box Module


Bump Box Module

High Speed Transmission Brake Controller for Staging Consistency.

32 Tooth 2.187 Drive Shaft Sensor Ring


Drive Shaft Sensors and Rings

High Resolution Drive Shaft RPM Sensors and Sensor Rings.



Software Downloads

All Windows software for Profiler, Profiler EFI, Smart Relay, VPS, TC Series, CT Series.