Bump Box Testimonials

They Say That Word Of Mouth Is The Best Advertising You Can Get – Here Is What Some Top Name Racers Have Had To Say About Davis Technologies And Our Products.

I could focus on cutting a light…

“We had the car that set the national record but could not get a staging procedure that would let us capitalize on that until we installed the “bump box”. From there on out I could precisely control how deep the car was staged and how long it would take, so I could focus on cutting a light.“

Melanie Troxel / Winner of 9 NHRA National Events

The ”Bump Box” is a game changer!

“The Bump Box brings turbo cars into the 21st century! Enables cars to have smooth consistent launches, for better R.T., 60ft., and ET’s! No more Rushing, No More Fussing– It’s just Easy. Before the “Bump Box” there was no consistency–One pass you stage too deep, the next too shallow, making it very hard to get a good handle on the tune up. With the “Bump Box” we have been able to focus on the tune up, and are now one of the only two Automatic Pro Mods in the world to run in the 5.70’s! “

Dave Hance / New York Motorsports

The results are so consistent…

“Offers consistent staging with carbon fiber brakes to help take weight out of the race car. The results are so consistent, it is like having the same driver in every car that uses the box.”

Steve Petty / Tuner

The “Bump Box” makes staging so easy…

I can just turn on the top bulb and floor it. When it is at full boost–just hit the button– Staged perfect every time!. So Easy I could stage with my eyes closed! Great for any car with a Trans Brake. I would put this on a 450HP bracket car running 12’s, it’s just so much easier and consistent compared to dragging the brakes!”

Rob Wells / Fordspeed Racing

I felt confident in my ability to cut great lights…

“I stepped into a brand new race car to test for the US Nationals in Indy. After only 5 runs, I felt confident in my ability to cut great lights, because of the consistency of the box. Every run I made during the race, I knew where I was in the lights, which allowed me to be aggressive and take the win!”

Eric Dillard / NHRA ProMod Winner

I was able to win the next 3 races…

“I won the NSCRA event this past weekend, all possible with your staging box!!” “Before Davis Technologies I was stuck on the starting line at virtually an idle. Now I am able to pre-stage, while holding the transbrake button achieve my desired rpm and boost level–and use the Davis Technologies box to stage the car for me. In the past we raced for a time slip, because we were unable to cut a light. After installing the box I was able to win the next 3 races. Winning would only be a dream without the Davis Technologies “bump box”.”

Jeremy Martorella