Davis Remote Display

Remote Display

The Davis Technologies Optional Remote Display connects via Serial Port to VPS, Smart Relay, TC-3 Series, Profiler & PF-EFI Traction Controllers in addition to other devices to display settings, make parameter changes and view data. It’s a low cost, quick and easy way to interface without the need to break out the laptop.

Easy & Fast

The Remote Display features a large, bright color touch screen which is used to adjust tuning features on a multitude of Davis Technologies products. You’ll see a similar screen on the Full-Size Profiler Wheel Speed Management Controller.


  • Large, Bright Color Touchscreen
  • Easy To Use, even with Fat Fingers
  • Access Advanced Tuning Features
  • Small Serial Cable Connection
  • Allows for Remote Adjustments

Do You Need Both, the Remote Display and a Laptop?

When working with the VPS, Profiler and TC-3 products, having BOTH a Remote Display and the Laptop is a great way to roll. Using our Windows Software on the Laptop is a great way to display data and make changes, where the Remote Display is perfect for quick and easy changes, monitoring output data, etc. Having both at the track with you also gives you redundancy, for example someone forgets to charge the Laptop – you’ll still have a way to connect and make changes as needed.