TC-3 Traction Control Modules

Faster, smarter and easier to tune than ever before. TC-3 units react every 1/32th of a turn of the drive shaft, making them much smoother and more effective for even lower ETs!

How Does it Work?

Works with EFI and Regular Ignition Systems

The TC3 line is designed to work with any ignition or engine management system that can accept a 0-5 volt signal or an EFI-specific signal to invoke a reduction in power, such as a timing retard or a reduction in boost or nitrous.

YES – They’re Upgradable!

The TC3 line allows for easy upgrades to higher-level units with the same hardware.  No need to send into shop for upgrades and no re-wiring !!

Simple pay the difference in price between the unit you have and what you are upgrading to, then update online via USB.  You can even upgrade all the way to the Profiler EFI module w/ Self Learning TC for $3495 total.  So you can try out Traction Control for as little as $995 and upgrade to the top-of-the-line system as you race program changes, and never have to sell a used unit or waste money upgrading your current product.

TC-3 Traction Controller


The Base TC-3 Traction Control Module is a very fast reacting, non-self learning system programmable by Remote LCD Display or with a Laptop using our Windows Software.

TC-3 Traction Controller


TC-3-SL adds “Self-Learning” capability to the TC-3, especially useful for no-prep and inconsistent track conditions.

TC-3 Traction Controller


The TC-3-SL-Pro adds even more capability with the addition of “Zones” that allow you to control sensitivity and retard levels in different sections of the track.