Trigger Count:

The unit is factory set for 8 triggers per revolution.

The unit can be configured to use between 4 – 16 or 32 triggers per revolution. Davis Technologies recommends a minimum of 8 triggers per revolution.

Once the value is set, the value will remain until changed by the user.

To change the value, follow these steps.

1. Set the Mode dial to “4”

2. Hold down the “Test” button

3. Turn the power On

4. While holding the “Test” button down, move the Mode dial to the desired number of triggers divided by two. (example- 8 triggers/2=4) For 32 triggers, set Mode dial to AUX.  (example- 32 triggers=AUX)

5. Release the “Test” button.

The LED will flash to show the number of triggers the unit is now set to. (The Trigger Count must be set correctly for the accurate RPM calculations)