We recommend that you allow time for testing and setup after download.  It is NOT recommended to update your system immediately before a race/test weekend.  There is a small chance that the hardware could be rendered unusable, requiring a quick-turnaround service to Davis Technologies.

8-29-12-Firmware Version 1.5

For serial numbers 1000-1999 Click Here

For serial numbers 2000-2126 Click Here

Serial numbers 2127 and higher already have version 1.5
Serial numbers lower than 2127 should be updated.
* The serial Number is engraved on the back below the manufacture date

This new firmware will allow more tune ability by the user to achieve more precise control over the car when “bumping In”.
It is recommended that all users upgrade, as the over all functionality is different (New Operating Instructions) than the previous versions, and having all units in the field operating on the same firmware not only aids when comparing notes with other racers, it also allows for more efficient tech support if needed.

Note- To check which version of firmware you currently have, follow these steps.
1. Hold down the test button.
2. After 5 seconds the LED will turn off, then begin blinking out the firmware.
(Example– one blink, followed by a pause, then 3 consecutive blinks= 1.3)

Updating the firmware is simple, just follow the steps below.

1. Download and Unzip the firmware file for your unit.
(You will need the serial number from the back of the unit to determine the correct file)

2. Set the right hand knob (Pulse/Fine) to 9.

3. With the Power OFF,
Hold down the black “Test” button.

4. Plug in the USB cable to the Bump Box.

5. The LED will flash alternating Green/Red, Then Red.

6. Release the “Test” button, LED will Flash Yellow.

7. The Computer should now recognize the USB Device.

8. Once the computer is ready, run the update file.
(DavisTech_UPD.exe located in the unzipped folder)

9. In the USB Updater Screen, click “Program” in the
Menu Bar, Then click “Program” to Update.

You will need the micro USB cable that shipped with your Bump Box.

*If your unit does not power up from the USB, you will need to update in the car, and apply car power at step 4.