Digital Ignition Controller (DIC)

Digital Ignition Controller (DIC)

The Digital Ignition Controller (DIC) utilizes a highspeed microprocessor and state of the art circuitry to reliably and precisely control the ignition system of a modern racing car.

It’s used typically on Non-EFI applications to interface with current ignition controls, such as MSD’s Power Grid Ignition.


Works with many types of Ignition Controls

The DIC can be used in conjunction with products such as our line of Traction Control systems, or the Vehicle Position Sensor to control the ignition system as required to control tire slip or vehicle pitch (wheelie).

The DIC can be triggered with a crank trigger, distributor trigger, or a 12v square wave (points) trigger, such as from an EFI system. Ignition control is in the form of ignition timing, rev limiters, and individual cylinder dropping (SmartDrop®).

Configuration via the Remote Display (available separately) makes setup quick and easy!

  • Can change Ignition Timing, Rev Limiters, and
    Individual Cylinder Dropping (SmartDrop®)
  • Connects via CAN Bus to PFEFI, TC3 Series or VPS
  • Works with Crank Trigger, Electronic or Points Type Distributors
  • Programmable with Davis Remote Display