Profiler EFI PFEFI

Profiler EFI (PFEFI)

Profiler EFI module gives the racer all of the great Traction Control features of the record setting and race proven original Profiler, in a small simple package that integrates easily into their existing EFI system, at a much lower price.

  • Available Self-Learning Option
  • Traction Controller Only, see the Full Size Profiler for Additional Outputs & Controls
  • Compatible with Holley EFI, FuelTech, Haltech or other EFI Systems

1,000 Times Per Second Sample Rate

Profiler samples at an extremely high rate of 1,000 times per second and has incredible accuracy to one RPM. The Profiler EFI is available with, or without the Self-Learn Capabilty. It can also be upgraded in the future should you wish to add Self-Learning later.

Using intuitive software to easily setup a desired drive shaft curve, and adjust corrections above or below the curve, to retard or advance timing make Profiler the absolute best Wheel Speed Management available. The patented software gives the tuner unprecedented control of the power delivered to the drive wheels.

Profiler Screen Shot

What’s the difference between Profiler EFI & the Full Size Profiler?

The larger Profiler Wheel Speed Management System has the same Traction Control features, but also has optional Event Timer Outputs, Ignition Controls, Bump Box and ProAxe features. Profiler EFI uses the cars ECU to manage those functions externally, which is a lower investment in a Profiler Level Traction Control System.

So if you’re using Holley EFI, FuelTech, Haltech or other EFI Systems, you can directly integrate the Profiler EFI into those ECUs and gain the full power the Profiler with a much smaller footprint.

Check out our wiring diagrams for Holley EFI (HP & Dominator) or FuelTech FT-500 & FT-600

PF-EFI can also work with MSD’s Power Grid Controller via the Davis Technologies DIC (Digital Ignition Controller) via MSD CAN Bus.

Profiler Screen Shot

Tutorial Videos

Watch a collection of videos on how Profiler and the Profiler Software works .

Profiler VPS Intro at PRI

Using Profiler with the VPS

How we can use the 9 Axis VPS system in conjunction with Profiler for even more capabilties.