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BB-300 Bump Box for Two Wire Transbrake Solenoids

$449.00 Each

Negative Switching

  • For Two Wire Solenoid
  • Harness Included
  • 30 AMPS Max
  • Easy Operation
  • Reliable
  • USB Updateable

The BB-300 is used on trans brakes that have the ground wire of the solenoid available to the user, also known as a “2 Wire Solenoid”.  The BB-300 interrupts the negative battery voltage signal to the solenoid to allow for precise movement when the “Bump Button” is pressed.  The “Bump” is easily adjustable with two dials on the face of the unit, to allow for easy adjustments without a confusing digital interface.

The Coarse knob increments in 10 millisecond steps, while the Fine knob increments in 3 millisecond steps.

These increments can easily be changed by the user if a different increment is needed or desired. The unit also allows the user to adjust the amount of safety delay between the “Bump Button” presses, which prevents accidental “double bumps”, by following these simple procedures.


Firmware Update
Changing Default Settings

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