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High Resolution Drive Shaft Sensors & Rings

Drive Shaft Speed Based Traction Control Systems require accurate & dependable drive shaft sensors and rings such as the product line we’ve developed at Davis Technologies. Our 32 Tooth Rings and Sensors are the most accurate available, with double the data compared to others 16 tooth and fewer rings.

More Pulses Per Revolution means quicker tire slip detection, and that’s critically important to improving traction as quick as possible, Catching the tire really quick requires less power reduction to get the tire back under the car. That means quicker ET’s for the win!


  • Davis Profiler and TC3 Series MUST use DAV-003, DAV-004 or DAV-005 sensors. These are specifically designed to trigger the High Resolution input of the Davis units when using 32T ring.
  • Most EFI systems can use the DAV-001 if no Davis unit is present.
  • NOTE: All sensors are 3/8″-24 thread, Ultra Case will need to be drilled and tapped.