Self-Learning-Automatically Adjusts For Changing Conditions

  • No External Sensors
  • Extremely Fast- Reacts Within One Cylinder Firing
  • Affordable
  • Compact size- 2.2″ x 1″ x 3.4″    (5oz.)
  • Can Easily Be Moved To Other Chassis
  • Better Lap Times / More Consistent
  • Lower Tire Temps / Longer Tire Wear
  • MSD®,HEI, Magnetos, Electronic Points
  • Configure w/ Optional Serial Interfaces





The TMS-750-SL is our most affordable Self-Learning Traction Control system. Whether you are running Late Models, Modifieds, Sprints, Dirt, or Asphalt, Davis Technologies Traction Control can hook you up.

If you are running an MSD®, HEI, Electronic Points, or Magneto, we have a system for you.

These units are great for the budget-minded racer running longer races where conditions are constantly changing during the race, or you just want the advantages of an SL unit in shorter races.

Self-Learning units like the TMS-750-SL automatically adjust to changing conditions.

Configure w/ Optional Serial Interfaces below


*May not be legal in some series

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