Designed for Holley™ EFI

The EFI-TC2 is a Self Learning Traction Control Module that reacts in 1/8th of a turn of the driveshaft using a 4 to 16 trigger per revolution driveshaft sensor.

This is our entry level, manually adjusted, Holley™ EFI compatible traction control module. It utilizes multiple retard levels using a Holley™ proprietary output. We also have newer Holley™ Specific TC Modules, the Holley™ EFI TC-3 and Holley™ EFI PF-EFI Modules.


The EFI-TC2 is a Self-Learning Traction Control system with manual controls for Holley™ EFI systems. By monitoring the average rate of acceleration of the drive shaft, and reacting to any sudden increases in that rate.  The EFI-TC2 will automatically adjust to changing conditions, keeping the internal settings at optimal levels.  The user can adjust the overall sensitivity of unit to achieve the desired results.

The EFI-TC2 is designed for the pro-level racer who wants the most advanced Self-Learning technology, combined with simple adjustability and multi-stage corrections to cut power more precisely than a single-stage unit.

These units are perfect for racers looking for the unmatched precision of our Self-Learning units to get more aggressive with their tune-ups, utilizing all of the adjustability that the EFI-TC2 has to offer.

The EFI-TC2 is designed specifically to work with the Holley™ HP, Dominator & Terminator EFI Systems. (NOT Terminator X or Terminator X Max)

The EFI-TC2 Can also operate as a Non-Self Learning Unit, which may be desired for street use.

Self-Learning units like the EFI-TC2  automatically adjust to the continually changing conditions as you go down the track.

Our newer units that are designed to integrate with Holley™ EFI are the Holley™ TC-3 Series and Holley™ Profiler EFI modules.


*May not be legal in some series