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EFI-TC2 Holley™ EFI Traction Control Module w/Self Learning


Also see our newer, faster Holley™ TC-3 Traction Control Module and Holley™ PF-EFI Traction Control Module which are even more capable!

Self-Learning-Automatically Adjusts For Changing Conditions

  • Multiple Retard Levels- Holley Proprietary Output
  • Dual Mode Operation- Can run as Non-Self Learning if Desired
  • Adjustable Using Holley EFI Software
  • Extremely Fast-Reacts Within 1/8 Of A Turn Of The Driveshaft
  • Lower E.T. / More Consistent
  • Compatible w/ Most Data Systems
  • Compact size- 1.3″ x 1.3″ x 4.5″    (5oz.)
  • Can Easily Be Moved To Other Chassis
  • Affordable


  • *Wiring Harness Options

    Note: You’ll need to buy either the TC-2 Standard Wiring Harness or the TC-2 Deluxe Wiring Harness for proper installation. The Deluxe Harness is highly recommended when adding a Driveshaft Sensor.


      EFI-TC2 Deluxe EFI Wiring Harness

      • High Quality
      • Durable
      • Locking Connectors
      • Quick & Easy Installation

      Complete harness, most often used when adding TC to a new build where you are adding a drive shaft ring and sensor to the EFI system.  Drive shaft leads are approximately 15ft long, and ECU leads are 5ft.  Also includes 15ft leads for activity indicators, such as LED tail light.

      Built using the highest quality (TXL) wire and locking connectors, these harnesses are designed to withstand the harsh environments of today's race cars.  Includes wiring for Power, Drive Shaft Speed, and Outputs to the EFI system, as well as a 12 volt on/off activity indicator.  Makes your installation quick and easy, especially when adding a drive shaft ring and sensor.

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