Remote Display


  • Large, Bright Color Touchscreen
  • East To Use
  • Access Advanced Tuning Features
  • Use Wired or Wireless w/ Bluetooth
  •  Allows for Remote Adjustments


Remote Display

The Remote Display features a large, bright color touch screen that is used to adjust advanced tuning features of the system.

These tuning features can be used to fine tune the system to exactly what the user desires.

The Handheld interface is priced at $199.95, and may be more convenient at the track.

The Traction Control is connected to the Handheld via a small cable or through an optional  secure wireless Bluetooth connection*. (Additional $100.00)

The small size, simple keypad, and backlit display make changes quick and easy.

*Bluetooth Version Available Fall 2019

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Wired, Bluetooth