Traction Control Panel- Drag


Traction Control Panel Software

• Windows XP-Windows 10

• Access to Advanced Settings

• Easy To Use



The Software serial interface is used to adjust advanced tuning features of the traction control system.

These tuning features can be used to fine tune the system to exactly what the user desires.

On a Drag Racing system, this includes being able to tune the Drive Shaft RPM at which the system becomes active, as well as the Drive Shaft RPM at which the system can be turned off.

The user can also define a “Null Zone”.  The Null Zone is a window of  DS RPM in which the unit can be set to reduce a lesser amount of power, or make no correction at all.

The user can also tune the length of corrections to fine tune the system to what works best on their vehicle.

The software based interface is $149, and easily installs on your computer.  The Traction Control is connected to the computer via a serial cable or through a secure wireless BluetoothBluetooth connection.  Tuning is achieved through a few simple mouse clicks.

Download Setup File HERE