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Davis Technologies Traction Control Tech Information

How to Tune Your Race Car using Davis Technologies Profiler Traction Control – Devin Vanderhoof

Devin Vanderhoof of HCR Innovations shows how to create a Profile using previous run data, [...]

Maximus wins N/T Pro Truck at LO14 with the help of Profiler & Peter Harrell

Peter Harrell explains how Profiler helped Ray Morton in his Maximus Truck win N/T Pro [...]

Setting up Profiler Software to work with PFEFI / Holley EFI

Shannon Davis & Devin Vanderhoof go over the Profiler Software Setup when using a Profiler [...]

Live Time Comparison of MSD ARC, Holley, FuelTech, Profiler, TC3 Series Pt. 4

Live time comparison of Davis Profiler, Davis TC3 Series, MSD ARC Module, Holley Active Speed [...]

Overview of TC3 Series- Traction Control Comparison Pt. 3

Let’s take a look at Davis Technologies TC3 Series Traction Control Systems.  Only Davis Technologies [...]

Overview of Profiler System- Traction Control Comparison Pt. 2

A look at the advanced features of a Profiler and the advantages it has over [...]

Overview of a few popular Traction Control Systems Pt. 1

Overview of a few popular TC systems A quick look at MSD ARC Module, Holley [...]

Updating Firmware and Software Video

Okay so it's time to update your davis technologies equipment. You go to you can [...]

Profiler Setup and Use Part 1

I want to do a series of videos on the use of Davis Technologies products.  [...]

Real Tuners Episode 112

Shannon Davis recently appeared on Real Tuners to ramble on for 2 hours about Davis [...]