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Davis Technologies Products at Work!

We love to share our customers new records, race wins and success using our products…

Maximus wins N/T Pro Truck at LO14 with the help of Profiler & Peter Harrell

Peter Harrell explains how Profiler helped Ray Morton in his Maximus Truck win N/T Pro [...]

Profiler Wins DoorWarz 7 ProMod & 10.5

Profiler Wins Doorwars7 in ProMod & 10.5!! Congrats to Mike Gondziola and Ken Sihota!!! Profiler [...]

James Goad and “Reaper” are back with Profiler!

James Goad is back and running strong as a front runner in recent No-Prep races [...]

Davis Profiler Powers First 3-Second Radial Cars In U.S., Australia

Davis Profiler Powers First 3-Second Radial Cars In U.S., Australia           [...]

Australian Profiler Nation Member Jarrod Wood First To The 3’s on Radials

New Self Learning TC putting in work! Congrats to Jarrod Wood and team!  First to the 3’s with radials on the [...]

Self Learning TC Sets Australian Record First Run Off The Trailer!

Perry Bullivant comes of the trailer at Radial Riot and sets NEW Record at Willowbank [...]

A word from Nick Bruder

For anyone who doesn’t already know, Nick Bruder is the tuner for NFL star and [...]

A Few Results From The Profiler Nation This Past Weekend-WINNERS!

Here are a few results from this weekend, there are many others in the grudge [...]

How A Profiler is Properly Used

Steve Wiley shows how it’s done at recent TOPMA event.  Steve used his Profiler as [...]

A Tale of Two Nitrous Promods

One car is a RJ Race Cars chassis with Buck power and an automatic trans [...]