Jennifer Martin – Secret Tuner for Profiler Nation.

Because I can’t talk about most of the cars I’ve worked with in 2017.

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Experience is the most expensive factor when it comes to building performance cars. However, when you get the chance to play with a number of cars over a handful of different classes, you get experience at a substantially discounted rate.

You learn which chassis combinations work best with what power setups over different track conditions. And you learn little things that make complete sense, but only after you figure them out – those trade secrets. One thing you learn real quick is that Davis Technologies stickers are becoming more and more popular on cars running late into the night at events and are even more popular in the winner’s circle. – Those stats and numbers do not lie.

All this said, it also means when you get ready to step-up your game and put that knowledge to work in your own build, you make decisions based on that experience… you pick products based on what you’ve learned – and you get a doggone Profiler. I could go on and on about the tricks and features of the Davis Technologies Profiler. From its most basic function as a wheel speed management device capable of reacting to changing conditions so fast you don’t even know it’s working, to how it can trigger nitrous kits, handle shifts, boost controllers… simple things like launch retard… on and on… but until you put your hands in the works and start playing with it, the Profiler’s abilities can be just a little overwhelming. For us EFI folks (boosted or otherwise), the Profiler does play well with Holley EFI and FuelTech systems, so dog-ear those pages and save those websites for near-future purchasing as build season approaches.

Before jumping in head first, I do caution folks a little bit; The Profiler IS NOT a ‘magic box’ that will fix all your problems on the first hit – you need to tune it and adjust it just like anything else. Not sure about your next move or feel like your stumbling around a bit? That’s okay – the phenomenal tech support from Davis Technologies and a lot of the #ProfilerNation is here to help… possibly … maybe… sometimes. It takes some work, but you’ll find out it’s worth it. Don’t believe me?

Watch for those stickers rolling back into the lanes for next round while you’re loading up the trailer.

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Jennifer Martin

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