Mo Hall WINS at Orlando World Street Nationals- Profiler Nation To The FRONT!

Qualified #2 with a 10+ MPH deficit to the turbo cars, Mo Hall ran great all weekend and never made a bad pass to take the WIN in Outlaw 10.5 vs Radial.  Hard to beat a fast- consistent car !!  Congrats to Mo Hall and the whole team- Great Job!

Profiler Nation To The FRONT!

Profiler- It’s Just Better!

Outlaw 10.5 vs Radial saw Mo Hall ride the bars out on this pass to a 4.003 at 192.29, so close to the threes.

Mo Hall is still looking for that elusive three second run here in Orlando but the car is running well and looking good. He is a solid second in the Outlaw 10.5 vs radial class with his 4.003 from the second session.

[whohit] Mo Hall WSN [/whohit]


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