32 Tooth Drive Shaft Sensor – Dual Channel Special Output Profiler Rated DAV-005

$225.00 Each

  • Dual Channel Output
  • For use with 32 Tooth Rings
  • 3/8-24 Thread (Strange Ultra Case will need to be drilled & tapped)
  • 4-24VDC Operating Input Voltage
  • Includes Mating Connectors with Terminals
  • Sensor Mounting Bracket Not Included
  • Output #1 – 32 Pulse Per Rotation 5V Positive Signal Output
  • Output #2 – Adjustable 32, 16 or 8 Pulse Per Rotation 5V Positive Signal Output
  • Compatible with Davis Profiler & TC-3 Series, FuelTech, Holley, Haltech, RacePak and others.

High Resolution for use with Profiler & TC-3 Series Traction Control

The DAV-005 High Resolution Drive Shaft Sensor generates two output signals, Output 1 (White Wire) has a straight, 1:1 32 pulse per rotation output Signal (with 32 Tooth Ring). Output #2 (Orange Wire) has a user selectable reduced output signal which can cut the pulses per revolution to 16 pulses per revolution, or 8 pulses per revolution.

This allows the racer the ability to utilize latest generation Davis traction control equipment in conjunction with older data loggers and ignition boxes that cannot handle the higher pulse per revolution signals.

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