VPS (Vehicle Position Sensor) 6-Axis G-Meter/Accelerometer VPS-900


The Davis VPS is a revolutionary product unrivaled in the racing world for accurately measuring, recording and acting upon the G-Forces imparted on a race car. Racers utilize it’s data to tune their car, prevent excessive wheelies, throw the parachutes if they get in trouble and much more. No other device exists that has the capability to measure this amount of information, it’s truly unique and a huge asset to your racing program.

  • 6 Axis Data (Use data to create your own control strategies in EFI)
  • Includes Aluminum 1.625″ ID Cage Mounting Bracket
  • Includes 114″ Long Wiring Harness
  • High-Resolution Accelerometer Gx, Gy, Gz
  • High-Resolution Pitch, Roll & Yaw
  • Virtual Time Slip
  • Use for Tuning, Wheelie Control, Safety
  • Compatible with any data system
  • Temperature Controlled & Oil Filled
  • CAN-BUS enabled
  • Online Upgradeable
  • Low Current Draw .09 Amps

Available Options

  • Built In Wheelie Control (Optional)
  • Self-Learning Traction Control (Optional)
  • Remote Display Color Touch Screen (Optional)


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