What the F?? Flamholc and Fiscus moving on the 3rd Round at Snowbirds !

Profiler user Adam Flamholc of Sweden runs 3.83 @ 194  taking out fellow Profiler user Jerico Balduf who suffered some tire shake and had to abort early.  Kevin “FLASH” Fiscus piloted his Profiler/FuelTech equipped turbo ride to a 3.89 @ 201 to beat the Flamholc tuned Corvette of Lenn Lindell, who was on an excellent run with a quicker reaction time, first to the 60′, and first to the 330′, but the car failed to shift and that was that!  This is Lenn’s first weekend with a Profiler which is being tuned by Adam Flamholc.  Great Job Guys- keep it up.  I think it is Fiscus, Janis, Flamholc, and Hord in the semis.

adamflamholc-pm fiscus-pm


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