PTP’s Patrick Barnhill on Profiler

Thank you Shannon Davis for your support and developing such a great product for the drag racing industry.  In 2016 Profiler helped our customers win races.  Using the Profiler we were able to make run after run so consistently.  Below are 2 runs made by the same car in 2 totally different conditions… almost looks to be one driveshaft line on the screen.  You can see in the second pic the changes made to the timing curve by the Profiler to help get the job done.  The speed of the changes made by the Profiler are the fastest on the market.  I love how simple it is to make changes to the tune-up and the way the software displays the previous runs for you.  Send me a PM on Facebook if you have any questions on how a Davis Technologies Profiler can help your racing Program in 2017.

Patrick Barnhill

1 thoughts on “PTP’s Patrick Barnhill on Profiler

  1. Shannon Davis says:

    Profiler is Compatible with any EFI / Ignition system, including FuelTech and Holley C.O.P. setups. So, in the future if you switch management systems, then your Profiler is still good to go.

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