A Few Results From The Profiler Nation This Past Weekend-WINNER!

Here are a few results from this weekend, there are many others in the grudge and no prep arenas that dont want to discuss their

Maybe this should give you an idea of how great of a tool the Profiler is!  Order yours Today.  edge! 

Most, if not all of these racers paid for their Profiler with the winnings from this one race !!!

Also, don’t forget about the new Profiler EFI Module $2495! (also available for non-EFI cars)


Pro Mods

Adam Flamholc- PDRA Pro Extreme Winner

Randy Weatherford- PDRA Pro Nitrous / Winner, #2 Qualifier

 Jay Cox- PDRA Pro Nitrous / #1 Qualifier 3.691

Steve Wiley- TOPMA Winner

No Prep

Cody Jones- No Prep Mayhem / Small Tire Winner

Larry Baker- No Prep Mayhem / Big Tire Winner


Chris Hamilton- DSNP Small Tire Winner


Not to mention that Jerico Balduf hade a great weekend of progresswith a string of great runs


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