Cody Jones Wins Redemption 10 !

Profiler Nation To The FRONT!

Profiler PAID For!!  With about $24,000.00 left over after 2 races!!

Wins $20K at Armgaddon

Wins $8K at Redemption 10

From 130  to 39 degree no prep track temps, the Profiler has helped get us from A to B.  The response is lightning fast and the infinite adjustability is amazing. Shannon Davis has a outstanding product.  With Dave Deramus at DBomb EFI tuning on the keys, the Profiler has been an amazing tool to add to our program.  Thank you Shannon for everything you do.  Keep up the great work!

-Cody Jones


Thank you for making a great product in the Profiler!

42* track temp when we Won the final.

-Dave Deramus




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