Come See Us AT PRI December 7-9 in Indianapolis. New Products !! Booth #541

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As usual for the last 15 years, we will be exhibiting at the 2017 PRI Show. #541

Lots of new products will be on display for you to try out- Plus FREE Candy !!!

Come see the NEW-

Profiler EFI Module- All of the advanced wheel speed management for your EFI system at a much lower price. Can Bus Ready.

Vehicle Position Sensor (VPS)- Measure all aspects of vehicle position and acceleration at 400 hz resolution and extreme accuracy.  Gx, Gy, Gz, Pitch, Roll, and Yaw all in one unit.  Outputs via CAN, Analog, Serial, or Digital. This will change the way you race!

Smart Relay- A 4 channel, fully programmable Solid State Relay system.  4 channels @ 20A each, Fully protected.  Can be programmed to control a variety of systems such as Nitrous, Convertor Control, Shifting, Fuel Lean Outs, Trans Brake Control, Bump Box, Delay Box, etc. CAN Bus Ready.

Relay 4-  A 4 channel,  Solid State Relay system.  4 channels @ 20A each, Fully protected. Can be activated via positive or negative triggers.  Clean, Simple, Easy.

Handheld LCD Controller-  Use the new Handheld Controller with a variety of Davis Technologies products to access programmable features.  Works with Profiler, Profiler EFI Module, VPS, Smart Relay, and more to come.

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Booth #541, Next to Holley / MSD



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