New Update for Holley EFI-TC2 Units- Drag Race ONLY

After request for some changes to the sensitivity and functionality of our TC units designed for the Holley EFI systems used on drag cars, we have an update to address these concerns.  The update is easy to install via USB online, no need to ship your unit in.

With changes in tire technology as well as track preparation, todays drag cars are performing like never before, resulting in lower 60 ft. times and lower E.T.’s. These performance increases have required us to modify the algorithms used in these units to better meet these new demands.

The new firmware re-scales the sensitivity about 3 clicks, meaning Mode 4 is equivalent to Mode 1 on the previous firmware.  The new firmware is also less sensitive in the early parts of the run and more sensitive down track.  This firmware should be better suited to the changes we have seen over the last couple of years, such as better tires, more track prep, more powerful engines that are launching harder than ever, and applying more power for the entire run than the original firmware was calibrated for.

Click here to visit the Firmware Update Page.




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