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PFEFI Advanced Traction Controller for FuelTech™

$2,495.00$3,495.00 Each

Advanced Wheel Speed Management for FuelTech™ EFI Equipped Vehicles

Profiler EFI module gives the racer all of the great Wheel Speed Management features of the record-setting and race-proven original Profiler, in a small simple package that integrates easily into with FuelTech™ EFI systems, at a much lower price than the full Profiler. This Traction Control Module is a far more advanced and faster-reacting traction control method over entry-level Active Traction Control.

  • Multiple Zones to allow different power control strategies for different sections of the run
  • Lacks some of the features of the larger Profiler, typically not needed if you have EFI
  • SmartDrop® Cylinder Management
  • Launch Retard Timing Curves
  • Specifically Designed to work with FuelTech™
  • Able to Retard FuelTech™ Base Timing up to 35 Degrees
  • 1,000 Times Per Second Sample Rate
  • Control up to 7 different setups using Remote Display for last-minute track condition changes
  • Available Self-Learning Traction Control Option
  • Other versions available for all EFI Systems
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